Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 4 - A Few Pictures

We took Claire to Toys R Us and she picked out this jewelry. The necklace and ring light up and she loves wearing it!

Connor thinks Taiwan is A-OK! Seriously, he's having a great time. We asked him tonight if he liked it and he said "It's just like home except everyone looks different and the food is weird."

This afternoon Claire fell asleep in her carrier. Such a sweet little girl!

We spent the afternoon at the "Dream Mall" in Kaohsiung. It was a BLAST and on the roof is a huge outdoor carnival complete with a giant "Hello Kitty" Ferris Wheel. For $2.00 Connor got to climb inside this giant ball and bounce around in a pool. He thought it was awesome.

Proof that Greg is actually here. So far he's been the one behind the camera most of the time. This picture cracks us up... it looks like Connor's being punished. Go sit in your giant ball while I pose for this picture! Now!

Mommy and Claire at the famous Taiwanese restaurant "TGI Fridays".

When signs in Taiwan are written in English, they're usually hilarious. This shop is supposed to be called "That Toy is Funny". You see how things turned out...

At the Dream Mall, they have these giant panda bears you can ride. You get like a five minute ride for fifty cents and you can literally ride them all around the mall. They're on the fifth floor and everywhere you walk there are people coming and going riding on these giant pandas. They have a gas pedal and a forward / reverse switch. Connor LOVED these things.

Seriously, they need to get these at West Towne Mall.

Mommy and Claire playing at a little playground we found in our hotel.

More fun at the playground. It was a great day! We'll have some stories and observations on our daughter for you later.


Dunns said...

Look at those smiles!!!

What I am is a......Good Southern Girl said...

Beautiful family! Powell Church is so excited about your new journey.

Jillian and Crew said...

She is beautiful! So glad to see you all together, how amazing!

Happy "gotcha day" and so glad she is with her "forever family!"

(One of Jessica S's sisters)